About SETI

SETI boutique store home decor , Located in Tel Aviv’s Neve Tzedek neighborhood, SETI is a boutique store specializing in home decor. SETI provides a very carefully selected, constantly renewed collection of items enhancing home decoration and design. SETI means uncompromising quality from all over the globe.

The SETI collection of exclusive products is created by a constant search and highly selective buying of unique and special products in Europe and North America. The focus is always on the customer. We seek provide an experience specifically aimed at each customer’s personality and preferences, which never wavers from the principle of value for money.

The SETI collection is a harmonious blend of stylish items from the past and the present; classic, timeless items infused with chic.

The collection provides a broad spectrum of inspiring ideas for the design of space in the home with a personal signature.

At SETI, you will find items that connect with your soul and reflect your personality, items to provide your home with character, atmosphere and a personal statement, saying this is an inviting, welcoming, home.

SETI means: Original, interesting, functional, refreshing, surprising and even vintage. Items with a story and a history that stir the soul, add drama or humor to a space; designers with a global reputation, handmade works of art, exclusive brands and conversation pieces with deep cultural and intellectual meaning.

The SETI collection includes home fragrances, furniture, decorative pieces, lighting, textiles books and art – All sourced from leading international brands represented in the world’s most exclusive design houses and department stores, such as: Hamilton Conte, Pacific Connections, SKLO and many more…

The unique, comprehensive home fragrances department at SETI includes more than 40 different types of fragrance, a broad range of design styles and each fragrance has its story. The fragrance collection includes diffuser sticks, room sprays and complementary accessories such as candle snuffers, covers and saucers, cloches, lamps, candlesticks etc. All the items in this department are sourced from leading international brands, such as the French companies Cire Trudon, which has specialized in candles since 1643 and L’Artisan, which specializes in personal and home fragrances.

Inspired by the twin principles of affordable luxury and value for money, the variety and range in the unique SETI collection provides a total look for both private and commercial spaces in a broad range of design styles.

The display space at SETI, designed by Dana Kushmirski and Oshri Aviram was planned with a clear view of the customer’s needs and an intimate, reciprocal connection with the design items on sale.

The design approach for the SETI boutique store is to provide background and the most appropriate setting for the unique items available. The space is designed to be a quiet, sober and graceful background supporting the products themselves, while conserving the original spirt of the building and the environment, with its clean, simple lines – The ceiling has been refurbished to reach its original height (4.5 meters), with emphasis on clean, straight, symmetrical lines, finished in timeless, natural materials featuring black metal and wood.

The SETI boutique store is designed around the concept of classic chic, with a deep understanding of product style forming a single entity, in the same way that in the design of a home or a space, the type of furniture and how it is placed and decorated constitute an harmonious design whole.

The most obvious motif uses black metal as the core element in the design and the space, with thin, floating, cube shaped shelving with different sizes and separated from each other, providing a large jigsaw puzzle whole, with space for products and accessories of all sizes. The basic element soars high and gives the impression of a space even larger than the store’s physical dimensions.

Wood, with different textures appears in different parts of the grand design – In the smoked oak, fishbone pattern, parquet floor; in the specially designed carpentry and furniture. For example: Two central islands in the display space allow customers to experience and test the entire range of home fragrances. The positioning of these two oval islands creates a wonderful flow through the space and emphases the symmetry in the arrangement of the space.

SETI evolved from focused attention on the customer’s individual needs and the combination of the store’s design with the unique range of products, all aimed at providing a powerful. sensual, emotional and visual experience.